Bath Time Safety Tips For Your Baby

Unfortunately, it does not take a lot of bath water to harm a baby. Babies don’t understand the fact that water can possibly drown them, and also don’t know how to hold their breath when they fall underwater. For this reason and others, you need to ensure that you have all the things required for bathtime within arm’s reach.

An excellent tool is a tub shaped like a bucket. It was created to imitate a womb experience for the infant. It offers the little one a snug fit on both sides as they sit in a fetal position. This helps the baby to feel like they’re in a natural environment, making them feel safe.

Tip 1: If you intend to use your own adult bath to wash your baby, it is a good idea to fit a slip-proof mat or some towels in the bath where your baby will be placed. However, if you can manage to pay for that, consider getting a baby bath chair for him or her to sit comfortably in the bath while being washed.

Tip 2: Make sure that the bath water temperature is right for the baby; it can’t be too hot or too cold. There are some things parents can do to ensure a comfortable water temperature. One is to test the bath water temperature using the traditional method of dipping a finger or the elbow into the water, as your mother always did. The alternative is to buy a special thermometer that changes color when the bath water temperature is right.

Tip 3: Avoid unecessary baby bath products. Tests performed by a group of researchers found that nearly 60 percent of baby bath products possess some hazardous chemicals linked to serious health complications. There aren’t any stringent regulations for the quantity of use of such products, though they are recognized as possible cancer-causing reagents. And at the very least, these products can cause skin allergies. Their labels may claim that they are safe and gentle; however, some aren’t so it’s better to exercise caution than to require care later.

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