How do you know your baby is not being nourished by breastfeeding?

Source: Kidspot

New mothers who want to breastfeed may have many questions. It’s important to know the breastfeeding basics. New mothers often worry about their baby’s well-being and especially nourishment. How do you know how much breastmilk is being consumed? There is no way to measure it. When your baby is not being nourished by breastfeeding then there are sure signs.


  1. Failure to gain weight. This is one of the obvious flags that tell you your baby is not being nourished by breastfeeding. According to the experts at, in the first four months your baby must gain roughly 6-8 ounces a week and 4-6 ounces from four-seven months. If you baby consistently loses weight, meet with your doctor immediately.
  2. Cranky even after feeds. This can be a sign of tummy troubles like gas, but if your baby is repeatedly restless, fussy, and appears dissatisfied after feeding, then it is a red flag.
  3. Less change of Diapers. Your baby will find nourishment from the colostrum in the initial days and may need just a couple of diapers a day. With regular and exclusive breastmilk, your baby will need a minimum of six diapers a day. Any less and it is a sign.
  4. Foul Urine. Ideally, well hydrated babies have colourless and odourless urine. If your baby isn’t getting enough breastmilk, then the urine is concentrated and dark colored.
  5. Dry lips and skin. Another red flag is dry and patchy lips. Touch your baby’s skin to see if it is soft and bounces back. If the skin or eyes are dry then your baby isn’t getting enough nourishment.


To avoid the dangers of dehydration and malnourishment, treat these signs as red flags and check in with your baby’s doctor immediately.


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