How to introduce solid food to your baby

Source: YouTube

Feeding your infant solid food doesn’t have to be a stressful ordeal. To help make it easier, try these steps:

1.Your child should always eat with you

Most parents make the mistake of making their child’s mealtime separate from theirs. Although it is sometimes convenient, that shouldn’t be done. A meal should be a family event without any screens or other electronic distractions.

Remember, children learn by observing. The more often your child eats with you, the sooner he or she will pick up on how you eat making the transition to solid foods a lot easier.

2.Teach your child to sit still while eating

It’s easier to give in to what your child wants and follow him while he’s running around trying to feed himself, but don’t. This will only lead to bad eating habits later.

3.Let your child learn

Mealtime is an important learning process for your child. Have patience and understand that it will take your child a while to learn to eat solid foods properly.

To help them develop more well-rounded taste buds, avoid feeding your child salty and sugary foods early during the learning process.

4.Start with purees

You can make purees at home or purchase them at the store. They’re ideal because they’re not fully solid but will get your child accustomed to eating non-liquid foods. Every other day or so, change things up and introduce a new flavor or food.

It’s normal for a child not to like something the first time. In fact, it can take a dozen or so attempts before your child will start eating it. So, don’t give up.

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