How To Potty Train Your Child and When To Do It

Potty training is considered successful when the child comes to you and lets you know they need to go. Most parents look forward to the end of diaper-changing days. In fact, for a parent, potty training a child is one of the biggest milestones in life.

But what is the ideal age that a child should be potty trained? The right time is a highly debatable topic. One can reflect and wonder how folks did it before the diaper was ever invented.

Advocates of natural parenting – a method that ideally considers the child’s natural signals and is non-coercive – start Elimination Communication (EC) from the day the baby is born up to 18 months. However, this method doesn’t disregard diapers completely. It’s only a part – for example, only poops. It may not be much, but it prepares the child for a complete potty training that would naturally happen to them in time.

Potty training consists of using the potty/toilet for all kinds of elimination, to prevent the need for diapers.

Babies don’t like being in wet diapers or wet clothes, so using cloth diapers or simple undies that don’t soak the pee 100% would delicately encourage the child to hold in their pee longer and relieve at one go, in a potty.

The best way to potty train would be to tune-in to your child’s personality and after they hit 18 months, spot the signals, and run to the potty. Associate peeing with a ‘pissssssss’ sound and scrunch your face for a poop, but do this only when they are on the potty. Sound associations can be used to command the child ‘go’ say, before you go out or before bed time.

Accidents will happen, but try not to get angry; remember children need their bodies to be ready to be able to be successfully potty trained.

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