How to Soothe a Crying Baby

As parents, we are told that we have a natural way of soothing our babies. However, when it is two o’clock in the morning, it can be difficult. There are those “first time parents” who just need a few tips to dive in, and there are those who just need a push in the right direction. No matter what category you fall into, new or seasoned, here are some useful tips for soothing your crying little one. Keep in mind that there are a few actions that may work with some children that may not work with others. Babies are much like adults and have preferences; it is up to you as the happy new parent to figure out what truly works for your baby.


Put your crying little one in your arms. Stand with your feet apart, slightly wider than your hips. Swivel your body back and forth at your hips. The movement can be a bit fast or slow depending on your baby’s response. Make sure to have a secure hold on him or her. You may find that if you choose to sit in a rocking chair your baby will begin to cry again. For this one, you must have good endurance and patience. Look on the bright side though; it’s a wonderful workout for that torso.

Swaddle the Baby

Unsure of how to properly swaddle your baby? Place the blanket in front of you in the position of a diamond. Turn down the top corner; this is where the baby’s head will be placed. Put your little one in the middle. Wrap one corner around your baby ensuring that their arms are on their chest or by their sides. Tuck this corner under their back. Bring up the bottom corner over their torso, and then wrap the remaining corner around your baby. Once they are secure in the lightweight receiving blanket, pick them up and hold them in your arms. Swaddling the baby will make him or her feel secure and allow them to relax, and stop the loud crying.

White Noise

Infants are new to this world, so they often love to just indulge in one major sense; hearing. Turn on your radio and put it in between stations to tune into the white noise that we normally hate. Turn the volume low to medium and hold them. This sound is surprisingly soothing to many infants and will calm them down. You may even get lucky and they will take a nap.

For a full baby service, do all of these at once. Although it may be hard to really get them to calm down at first, you will soon figure out exactly what will calm your crying baby. Try new things, but remember that it will not be instantaneous. They have to realize what is going on around them before they snap out of their fit. Breathe and remember to cherish these moments, they zip past in the blink of an eye.

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