Baby Girl Preciously Runs To Minnie Mouse For A Hug

Source: Rumble

Perhaps it is difficult for a baby to resist the cute image of Micky mouse, a famous cartoon character associated with the brand of the world’s most famous animation studio Walt Disney.

Mickey is a bearded “guy”, his big and round ears are very impressive, his eyes are big, his hands are white, his small body is attached to slender legs, but his feet always carry a big pair of shoes, came out to present to the public with a funny gesture, hands in his pockets, walked away while humming in a humorous way.

Mickey often falls into troubles caused by himself because of mischief, forgetfulness. However, the mouse is smart enough to quickly escape the difficult situation, beyond the enemy’s control thanks to perseverance and courage.

Mickey has a close friend, the Pluto dog and his dream lover, Minnie mouse. He gave Minnie the title of “the best girl” and always impressed Minnie with many cute tricks. Mickey is also a brave young man. He is willing to fight the enemy, Pete, to save Minnie and protect his love.

The birth of Mickey Mouse was first to replace the lucky bunny Oswald, a previously successful cartoon character of Disney studio, but was stripped of ownership by Universal Studios owner.

Although Walt Disney – “the boss” of the world’s leading animation studio – was dubbed Mickey’s “father” and the one who drew this cute mouse, but the creator of the idea and inspiration was A smart, lovely Mickey is Ub Iwerks – Disney’s colleague.

On November 18, 1928, Mickey Mouse first appeared in black and white in the dubbed animated film “Steamboat Willie”. The film has brought unexpected success for Disney. In 1930, Disney signed an agreement with Columbia Studios, agreeing to distribute the film for $ 7,000 on a set.

Columbia has put Micky cartoons around the world. In the 1930s, Mickey Mouse became a global phenomenon. The Italian called this mouse Topolino, Spain and called him Miguel Ratoncito, in Sweden, Muse Pigg … In 1932, Walt Disney was awarded an academic award for creating Mickey.

By 1935, Mickey Mouse was officially “colored” with the red wings in the short animation “The Band Concert”. The film has become an important symbol and milestone in Mickey’s “life”. The Band Concert “creates an extremely funny and funny scene.

The situations and actions of cartoon characters, especially the “resonance” of Mickey and his friends create a unique feature that only Walt Disney has. And the original hand-drawn drawings of “The Band Concert” are one of the most expensive prototypes on the market when sold for $ 420,000 in 1999.

Although it appeared in many short films that were screened, it was not until November 13, 1940 that Mickey Mouse officially “attacked” the big screen with the movie “Fantasia”. By improving the image, the famous mouse has a new and sharper appearance. In 2005, Mickey mouse drawings used to create Fantasia cost up to $ 65,000.

So far, Mickey Mouse has appeared in about 130 films. In it, Lend a Paw film won an Oscar in 1942. Mickey was also the first cartoon character to have a star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. It can be said that Mickey was Walt Disney’s first success and greatest success. That’s why the Disney Channel, its pet TV channel, chose Mickey as its symbol.

Not only appear in movies and comics, over the past 9 decades, Mickey Mouse has appeared on thousands of commercial items such as watches, pencils, toys, phones …. On the occasion of Mickey Mouse’s 75th birthday, Walt Disney has made two new films, including a 3D-based film, and also built 75 tall 1.8m statues at Walt Disney World in Florida.

Present in movies and books for nine decades, Mickey Mouse, along with his adventures, never delighted audiences, but always wanted to enjoy a comfortable moment with many laughter. this character. Former US President Jimmy Carter once likened “Mickey to be a goodwill ambassador, a mediator of peace, to speak friendship languages ??around the world”.

Not only did it become a symbol of the animation world, Mickey Mouse characters and “expensive” movies also brought huge profits for Walt Disney. But above all, this character has and will bring to young audiences all over the world, including Vietnamese children, interesting moments, beautiful memories of childhood.

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