Five symptoms of early labour

Source: WH Static

Are you worried about going into labor and not knowing about it? You can rest assured that if you are in labour, you will know. If it’s your first pregnancy, it’s natural to worry. So here is a list of signs of early labour:

1.   Your water breaks

Women are wired differently from each other and so, the way the water breaks is a different experience for different women. Some will have a gush of water, as is commonly depicted in movies and media. Other can experience a small trickle of water which almost seems to be non-stop.

2.   Backaches

As labor starts, some women feel it more in their backs than in their bellies. This is because the baby is positioning itself to be in the perfect position for delivery.

3.   More energy

Towards the due date, you may experience a sudden burst of energy. Some call it the nesting instinct. Women sometimes feel the need to clean or even deep clean their homes. Subconsciously, you are trying to get your home clean and ready for your baby. Take advantage of this sudden burst of energy. Get your home in order. Just remember not to exert yourself too much as it may result in fatigue and low energy, sometimes even body ache from working too hard.

4.   Frequent trips to the loo

You may already make frequent trips to the bathroom as it is. That is usual. But as a sign of early labour, these trips may become even more frequent than usual.

5.   Contractions

Getting contractions is a sure sign that you are in labour. However, you need to be alert about the type of contractions. If they are short and abrupt, then it can be false labor. True labor contractions are rhythmic and increase in intensity over time.


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