How Having A Pet May Prepare You For A Baby

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Everyone keeps asking, “When will you start a family?” Or, perhaps your spouse is wondering when you will be ready to have a child together.

However, maybe you aren’t ready yet. Your best answer just might be, “Can we start with a pet first?”

Good answer!

Let’s face it – having a baby is a big responsibility! Your life changes once you hear the first cry of your bundle of joy. So, before taking the big leap, make sure to think and think again!

Are you responsible enough to take care of another person? Getting a pet is a good way to learn about responsibilities. Here are some reasons why having a pet before having a baby is a good idea.

  1. Pets teach you how to budget

When you have a pet, you are forced to meet their needs – expensive or not! They don’t just play and poop. They need food, shots and maybe some treats from time to time. Babies need more than that. They need food, clothes, vaccine shots, medicines, diapers and more! To give them what they need and still be able to buy what you want, you need to learn how to budget. If you are not ready for a big change in your bank account, don’t have a baby yet!

  1. You can learn about Time Management from pets

Most couples start building their ‘empire’ before starting a family. Unfortunately, this might mean no time for other responsibilities. Pets need their exercise or play time which means stepping away from work and other responsibilities to give them some quality time. Babies need much more of your time than pets. Are you ready? If play time, feeding time, story time, etc. don’t fit into your schedule, you may not be ready for child care.

  1. When you have a pet, you learn how to scoop the … poop!  

A ‘No Mess’ pet is hard to find. When you have a pet, expect to clean-up after them each day. Giving them baths and cleaning their space is part of pet care. It is the same thing with babies. You clean their messes every day for the next three years … or more! You have to learn the art of diaper changing with eyes closed! Are you up for it?

  1. Pets can change your lifestyle

Night outs or unscheduled out-of- town trips are out of the question if you have a pet at home. It is irresponsible to leave them for a few days. If you have a pet sitter, then it’s not a problem. Babies can totally change your life too. You need to go home early and partying all night and last minute vacations are much more difficult to squeeze in.Nap time is the only luxury you will ever want! Are you ready for an ‘All-Nighter’ with your baby?

That’s it, four simple pet care lessons to help you make the big decision. Having a pet is really great, but to be totally honest, having a baby is far more challenging than having a pet. It is a big commitment not everybody is prepared for.

If you are, then congratulations to the newest parents in town!

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