How to know if your kid is gifted?

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Parents are often too ambitious when it comes to their kid’s career, talent, education, etc. Of course everyone wants what’s best for their child, so we completely understand your desires.
Sometimes your child can be talented for something or simply has an affinity for something and you don’t even notice that.
That’s why we decided to help you just to pay attention to signs your child is “sending” to you.

  1. Learns things very fast- Not every kid is like that, especially when he/she is in elementary school, so if you notice that it doesn’t take too much time for your kid to understand something, it means he/she definitely is very smart.
    It doesn’t have to mean that kids who don’t remember and learn things easily are not as smart as these kids, but it is definitely something you should pay attention to.
  2. Loves science or literature- This is also an amazing thing, because children at that age are usually interested in games, toys and other stuff, but definitely not in something that is too “serious” or too “mature” for their age.
    So if you see that your kid is into some of these things, make sure you work on that, and who knows maybe someday your kid will study any of these subjects.
  3. He/she is very sociable- Do not underestimate this trait. It is very important for a kid to love other children his/her age or even younger/older.
    If he/she is very communicative and sociable, do not neglect that fact. It can potentially mean that he/she likes to observe and analyze people, which is an important trait for a future psychologist for example.

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