How to survive a shopping trip with your toddler

Source: Mera Kilane

Some dread the idea of taking their children to the store, afraid of the meltdowns and the embarrassment it may cause. Trips to the grocery store with your toddler shouldn’t be a nightmare if you plan it well. Here are simple ways to survive a shopping trip with your toddler.


Keep them entertained.

Just put yourself in their shoes. Riding in a cart without being of any use is a boring trip. When kids are bored or cranky they may act out. Remember to pack some entertainment like a stuffed toy or tablet while you do your chore.


Keep them fed.

Ideally make sure your toddler has a snack or two with them to keep them buckled down for the car ride. If you are at the supermarket or a grocery store, toddlers are more likely to get hungry. You can pack a quick snack, grab a fruit, or if you have the time, then bead a Cheerio necklace for your toddler to snack on.


Make them nap.

Before you head out for on shopping trip, make sure your toddler is well rested. A toddler that has missed a nap is a cranky toddler and more likely to be uncontrollable later.


Play by rules.

Remember to talk to your toddler before you start the shopping trip. Have an intimate conversation about what’s to happen and what you expect them to do. Setting expectations is a great way to start your trip. Remember that toddler’s need reminding.


Reinforcement by rewards.

When you’ve set clear expectations and you see that your toddler is playing by the rules, then make sure you reward their good behavior. This helps toddlers understand that good behavior has good consequences.



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