Paternity Leave Is Important For Dad AND Mom

Source: Telegraph

Many people wonder whether or not it is necessary for the father of a new baby to take paternity leave after birth. We believe that paternity leave can be just as important as maternity leave for a number of reasons! Here’s why:

Daddy’s Home

A mother relaxing with her newborn feels at peace. The long wait is over. The pain is a distant memory. Shifting positions, she is reminded that she still has some healing to do. She can now breathe a sigh of relief — because Daddy is home, thanks to paternity leave.

More than Presence in the Birthing Room

Although a father’s participation in the hospital birthing room is accepted as the norm, still, there is a lingering debate over the importance for his presence during the days and weeks after birth. Fathers are often resented by their co-workers and employers if they elect to take paternity leave. They might need reassurance about the benefits of taking time off to be with the new mother and child.

Help for a Healing Mom

Fathers play an important role in the start of a baby’s life. They give the mother time to recuperate, allowing her to build strength to counter the challenges ahead. Additionally, taking part in the initial baby care helps the father have confidence in his own parenting abilities. Making time for the baby after birth forms a precious bond. Paternity leave isn’t a vacation – it is valuable time that every family member benefits from.

Even though moms may want to jump back into their daily routines after birth, their body most likely has other plans. In the case of an episiotomy, a cesarean birth or a difficult a birth, it could take weeks to fully recover. In these circumstances, Dad’s help is a necessity.

Learning together

The child’s birth is the start of the lifelong learning experience for both parents. In those first few weeks, you will realize the great duty of parenthood and begin adjusting to the new role. After birth is the time to support each other as you both adjust.

Siblings in the picture

If you have other children, paternity leave is even more essential. While caring for a newborn is challenging, keeping up with the older children all at once is downright exhausting to a mother alone.

Having a baby in the household is a big adjustment for everyone. The older children feel pushed aside since all of the attention is lavished on the new baby. But daddy spending some time with them can help fend off any jealousy and ease the change of being in a bigger family.

Sealing family bonds

The most significant aspect of paternity leave is the fact that it allows the dad to bond with the growing family before jumping back into his regular work routine.

Another advantage that is mostly overlooked is the growing bond that occurs between father and mother during this child rearing time. Sharing the child’s care can lead to a renewed closeness and appreciation of each other.


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