What body changes can you expect during pregnancy?

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Pregnancy is such a critical time in a woman’s life. The changes are not just hormonal or physical. There are many body changes you can expect during pregnancy.


Pregnancy can make the woman feel as if she is out of breath. Breathing will be very rapid if a pregnant woman is giving a speech or making a presentation. This is really because the oxygen consumption is much higher in pregnancy. Extra oxygen is needed for the growing baby, the uterus, and the placenta.


The systems of the heart go through an overhaul. In fact, the entire system is altered to accommodate increased blood flow and volume. It is said that towards the end of pregnancy, a woman has 50% more blood. To accommodate more blood, the veins and arteries enlarge.


As the baby grows inside the placenta, the uterus is also growing and pushes the intestines and other organs of the body aside. This makes the movement of gastric elements slower, causing constipation. Heartburns or refluxes are mainly caused by such displacement of organs.


Breasts become very tender and a simple touch may be painful. This is because of the changes and increased levels of hormones during pregnancy. Breasts become larger towards the end of pregnancy to accommodate breast milk. The nipples become darker and may protrude out even more. Starting from the third trimester, colostrum may leak from the breasts.

AnchorOther body changes

Hormones drive many changes in the body when you are pregnant. It is the work of hormones that prepares the pregnant woman for labor and institutes childbirth. With pressure on the bladder, urine may leak while sneezing or laughing. Leg cramps, increased growth of hair and nails, swollen ankles are all expected during pregnancy.

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