Overcoming New Parent Jitters

Many new parents become fearful when they realize it is time to take their little baby home. They convince themselves that they will do everything wrong – even if they already have experience with other children. This is normal. Once you become a parent, a huge sense of responsibility is tacked on, even despite the feelings of unconditional love. There are many new parents that do not confess their fear, so they turn to articles, books, and online advice. Rest assured that this is completely normal. Listed here are tasks and responsibilities that may scare you and ways to complete them with confidence. You will become a pro in no time!

Umbilical Stump

The Fear: “If I clean the stump, it’ll reopen.”

You do not have to mess with the umbilical stump very much. Keep it clean with baths and alcohol pads. Gently glide the alcohol pad across it. If you are worried about the diaper clinging to it, simply fold the diaper down or cut the top part of the band. Do not put Band-Aids on them as they will keep it wet and it will not heal. It needs air to dry out in order to get better.

Losing Grip of the Baby

The Fear: “I will drop the baby.”

Move slowly and watch the floor when you are walking with the baby in your arms. You will soon begin to have reflexes like a ninja and the grace of a cat. You will not drop your baby. In the event that it does happen, contact your pediatrician right away. If your baby fell on a soft surface and is acting normal, that is good. Just watch for signs of injury like continuous crying, poor feeding, lethargy, irritability, or moving the extremities asymmetrically. If your baby falls on a hard surface, call 911.


The Fear: “I’ll irritate the circumcision.”

You will understandably want to avoid wiping the penis due to the circumcision. Instead, use a bottle of warm water to wash away the urine and stool. You will need to apply antibiotic ointment to ensure that the diaper does not stick to it. Put another dap on the diaper just to be sure. You will need to do this for 3-4 days.

Temperature Taking

The Fear: “I’m afraid of injuring my baby when taking their temperature rectally.”

This is a common fear and most parents do not want to do this. However, it is the most accurate reading for a newborn. Once they are three months or older, you can use an ear thermometer or take their temperature under their arms. Remember to add one degree when you take it under the arm.

Driving with the Baby

The Fear: “If something is wrong while we are in the car, I won’t know it.”

In order to be assured that your baby is nice and safe before driving, conduct a safety check. Make sure the baby is strapped in correctly, the car seat is completely clicked to the base, and there is nothing that could hurt or fall on the baby if you were to stop short. If you are really unsure of driving with the little one, bring along a family member or a friend to sit next to the baby while you operate the vehicle.

Final Note: Everyone gets nervous and everyone makes mistakes. There is no such thing as a perfect parent, but if you strive to do your best, you are already the perfect parent for you child.

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